Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tokyo Ghoul Female Kaneki Black Battle Cosplay Costume - Your Best Genderbend Cosplay Choice

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken cosplay is everywhere!! We could see many cosplayers who are dressing up as this popular anime boy at every convention all the time^_- Yep, it does no matter how many people doing this tokyo ghoul cosplay, any of us could be him as long as we like, and cosplay is all about having fun^___^
However, since lots of people are not satisfied with wearing the typical anime costumes of Kaneki Ken all the time, we want to do something more creative and interesting, and then genderbend cosplay is one of the best ideas. And then, these female Kaneki ken cosplay outfits are designed by us. Here is the cheap and cool black suit for your genderbend tokyo ghoul Kaneki Ken cosplay show, which contains black top coat, black pleated skirt and black stockings, it is only 39.99 USD at my shop Trustedeal now^.^ Obviously, there are plenty of cosplayers intrested in this outfit and have got one for their Kaneki show, how about you?

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