Friday, June 17, 2016

Special Price Offer - Love Live Cosplay Costumes at

Hi,guys, special price offer for you to get these beautiful love live cosplay costumes at now!

Obviously, due to the complicated designs and special material of love live cosplay outfits, the price is comparatively expensive than many costumes of other series. Many dresses would cost more than 100 USD, but now, a good chance for fans of love live to get pretty clothes with cheap low price. For example, the white fairy costume of Eli Ayase was around 130 USD, but now, it is only 77.99 USD!!✌✌✌✌✌ And many love live cosplay dresses are about to out of stock, it's you last chance!!!

 Love Live Nico Yazawa Bunny Costume$36.99
 Love Live Nishikino Maki Fairy Cosplay Costume$72.99
 Love Live Sonoda Umi Fairy Cosplay Costume$66.99
 Love Live Nico Yazawa Panda Suit Cosplay Costume$37.99

Love Live Kousaka Honoka Yukata Cosplay Costume$83.99

Love Live Tojo Nozomi Winter Cosplay Costume$65.99

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